"ORIGAMI" is the Japanese art of making fingures by folding paper.

We can make various shapes by folding paper, like birds,animals,flowers and many other things without using scissors or paste.

Japanese children are taught how to make origami by their parents or grandparents.
Sometimes they learn in kindergarden or preschool.


The most classical thing to make is the crane.

For the Japanese, the crane, especially 1,000 cranes called "SENBA-ZURU", has a special meaning for praying peace.

At the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, there is a tower of thousand paper cranes.

Currently, many paper cranes are donated to Hiroshima and Nagasaki every year from Japan and overseas, and about 10 tons (about 10 million cranes) are donated annually in Hiroshima.

However, their large number and the volume they represent does not allow not to store them indefinitely. 
The challenge is then to find a second life for these origami.