Mino washi yarn, made partically from SENBA-ZURU and utilizing their colors, is the first yarn ever created. 

This time, Daifuku Paper MFG.Co., Ltd. in Mino City, Gifu Prefecture, has developed a machine-made Mino Washi paper that looks like a scattering of small colorful grains, taking advantage of the color of "SENBA-ZURU".

And in collaboration with Takizen Co., Ltd., a yarn company in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, which has a long relationship with them, washi yarn that can be used for textiles was born. 

We are very grateful that the 【INORINO】series was made possible through our efforts with these two companies.

When we first saw the washi paper, we were of course impressed by the story of regenerating SENBA-ZURU, but first of all, we felt that they were very beautiful in themselves.

We also have been developing textiles using Mino Washi yarn for a long time, so it was a very natural progression to want to make this washi yarn partically made from SENBA-ZURU into our textiles.

This washi paper is made to a special thinness to make yarn.
The made washi paper is slit even more finely and twisted into yarn at the twisting factory.

In the paper state, it is delicate and transparently thin, but when twisted into yarn, it has another beauties and wonderful strength that is firm.
Those differences are also attractive.
We felt that there was something similar to the delicacy and strength of people's feelings.

We really started trial weaving with great hope the same day the yarn was completed and arrived.

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