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' In-fuse ' vol.2

We are so pleased to share our new project "In-fuse" vol.2 with you.

Our aspiration is to enrich your daily life through our textiles that are made of natural fibers.

This is the second time to collaborate with Keiko Kamata, an incredible artist, who share our passion in this project. We are grateful for Keiko.

Kondo weaving mill long to be the nurthring being that enfolds quietly in the distance in your daily lives.

Something you can see, feel, touch - silently soothing and encouraging.

' In-fuse ' vol.2

The artist statement from Keiko Kamata
In this second edition of In-fuse, I have crafted each piece with care to bring to life a unique interplay between ink and fabric. The balance between these elements is vital for the fabric to remain soft to the touch while still showcasing the layering of shapes and flow of the ink. The black and white theme of this series serves to accentuate the visual interest and depth of the work, providing contrast that invites the viewer to delve deeper into the work.


The use of dome-like shapes serves as a nod to the grandeur and detachment of
nature. Each piece in the series holds its own distinct presence, reminiscent
of ancient trees or rocks, and invites the viewer to contemplate the natural
world and find peace in their surroundings. Through my art, I aim to instill a
sense of calm and stillness, offering a respite from the fast-paced and often
chaotic world we live in.


The act of taking a step back from the immediacy of life and seeing it from a
bird's-eye perspective is an important one. The Japanese word "fukan"
embodies this perspective, meaning to see the horizon from a higher vantage
point, and it is this viewpoint that I aim to capture and express through my
work. By creating a visual experience of being in an open space, observing the
indefinite horizon, I hope to evoke a sense of wonder and encourage the viewer
to remain open-minded, free from hasty judgments and conclusions.


Art has the power to be a deeply personal and liberating experience, offering
moments of suspended time where the mind is free to wander and be simply
immersed in wonder. In a world that can often feel overwhelming, my hope is
that my work serves as a sanctuary, offering a place of peace and rejuvenation
for the mind and soul. The balance between complexity and simplicity, the
interplay between ink and fabric, and the evocation of nature are all elements
that come together to create the In-fuse series. Through these works, I invite the
viewer to see the world from a different perspective and to find solace in the
beauty of the natural world.

Kamata is a printmaker based in South Carolina, U.S.A. 
Her works are represented by Uprise Art, New York, and Singulart, Paris.

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